World Care's staff members are dedicated to creating positive change in the Tucson community and beyond. Whether it's providing technology for school work, or a wheelchair for the physically challenged, we do our best to see that they get what they need.

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Executive Director

 Jan joined the World Care staff after many years in the non-profit world. Jan says she's thrilled to be part of World Care and help the neediest people in our community.


Program Manager

Sunny came to World Care after a recent retirement from the restaurant business. "My friend Debbie Mitchell worked here as a volunteer, and she reeled me in.  I LOVE being able to do my part for the community and the environment".

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Kevin Hendricks


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Program Outreach

Brinn grew up right here in Tucson, where she most loves the Sonoran Desert. Brinn comes to us with a BS degree in Microbiology and aspires to work in healthcare. She likes the health-support aspect of World Care and finds her ability to contribute in that area very satisfying. Brinn started as a volunteer and now holds a full-time position.

IT Volunteer

Paul is Tucson, born, raised, and plans to stay, "family, weather, sunsets" and loves the desert, calling himself a desert rat. He's always loved technology and used to hang out at a local computer shop when he was a kid. Paul chips in everywhere here, but his greatest contribution is in the IT department.


Warehouse Assistant

Joe moved to Tucson from Massachusetts at the tender age of 10, although he often returns to visit friends and family. Ask Joe what he loves about Tucson and he'll tell you the mountains, camping, panning for gold and great places for racing motorcycles. A graduate from PCC as an EMT, Joe learned about WC two years ago and has been volunteering ever since.  He loves helping people and making a contribution.

Director of Canine Affairs

Sandy came on board when Jan (her human) joined us.  Sandy is an inspiration to all of us - always happy, always wagging her tail and always greeting our incoming visitors with a woof and a smile. Although she is here in a volunteer capacity, she graciously accepts doggy biscuits whenever they are offered.

Proceeds Help Support Our Programs

All medical equipment and electronics collected as donations will immediately help those members of our community that are most in need while minimizing waste through recycling, refurbishing and re-purposing.


Mon ~ Fri 8am to 3pm


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World Care is a 501(c)3 

non-profit organization


3029 N Stone Ave.

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